Decision · Judicial

Brazilian Food Industry Association (ABIA) v. National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) (Case No. 1013249-88.2018.4.01.3400)


An injunction filed against ANVISA due to their denial to postpone the deadline of the public consultation on the front-of-pack nutritional labeling ("rotulagem frontal") measures.


ABIA challenged ANVISA’s decision not to extend a public consultation (“consulta pública”) on front-of-pack nutritional labeling (in Portuguese, “rotulagem frontal”).

In this sense, ABIA filed a lawsuit against ANVISA on the last day of the public technical consultation. The 14th Federal Civil Court of the Federal District [14ª Vara Federal Cível da Seção Judiciária do Distrito Federal] ruled in favor of the industry association, granting an injunction postponing the consultation deadline.