Brazil · Decision · Judicial

Brazilian Food Industry Association (ABIA) v. National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)


An injunction filed against ANVISA due to their denial to postpone the deadline of the public consultation on the front of packaging labeling (FOPL) measures.


ABIA challenged ANVISA’s decision not to extend a public consultation on front of packaging labeling (FOPL). ABIA lobbied President Michel Temer on the need to counter the FOPL proposal and supported the naming of William Dib as ANVISA’s director, who was a supporter of the traffic lights labelling system. Then, ABIA filed a lawsuit against ANVISA on the last day of the public technical consultation. The 14th Federal Civil Court of the Federal District [14ª Vara Federal Cível da Seção Judiciária do Distrito Federal] decided in favor of the industry association, granting an injunction postponing the consultation deadline.