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Federal Law on Consumer Protection


This law seeks to promote and protect consumer rights and to seek equity, certainty and legal security in relations between providers and consumers. This law has been amended on 9 April 2012


The protection of consumer life, health and safety, together with adequate and clear information, are part of the basic principles of consumer relations.

  • The law is aimed at protecting consumers from deceptive and abusive advertising, coercive and unfair business methods, and from abusive practices and clauses.
  • Deceptive or abusive information or advertising is understood as characteristics or information related to any good, product, or service that may or may not be true, or that could be deceptive or confusing for consumers.
  • PROFECO must encourage a culture of responsible consumption, understood as that conscious, informed, healthy and sustainable one, including good decision-making, with sufficient, appropriate, and adequate information.