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Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Barbados


These Guidelines set out a national framework for nutrition in Barbados and aim to encourage healthy eating habits and to promote active lifestyles for the prevention and management of chronic nutrition-related diseases.


The Guidelines provide 8 key recommendations for healthy eating and physical activity, namely:

  1. Enjoy a wide variety of foods every day;
  2. Enjoy a variety of vegetables every day;
  3. Enjoy a variety of fruits every day;
  4. Enjoy a variety of foods rich in fiber every day;
  5. Choose to eat less fat and fatty foods every day;
  6. Choose foods with less salt and sodium every day;
  7. Choose foods and beverages with less added sugar every day;
  8. Engage in physical activity every day. In addition, the Guidelines seeks to encourage consumers to read nutrition labels and provides a special note about trans fat.