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Technical Regulation on the Requirements of Labeling for Packaged Foods and Raw Materials (Resolution No. 2652 of 2004)


The purpose of the technical regulation is to establish the requirements for labels of packaged food for human consumption, as well as those of raw materials for food, in order to provide the consumer sufficient, clear and understandable information about the product that is not misleading or confusing and allows the consumer make an informed choice.


In addition to laying down technical requirements for back-of-pack labeling (including the list of ingredients, country of origin, expiration date, etc.), the technical regulation provides some general important principles:

  • Food products must not be described or presented falsely or deceptively, or likely to create an erroneous impression (Art. 4).
  • Food products cannot contain illustrations or other graphic representations that allude to medicinal, preventive, healing, nutritional, or unique properties that may cause false appreciation of the true nature, origin, composition, or food quality of the product (Art. 4).