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Standards Act


This law is the general law prescribing minimum labeling requirements for commodities and pre-packaged products, including foods. It consolidates and revises the law on standards in respect of goods and services.


Section 17(2) of the Standards Act provides that “[n]o person shall label commodities contrary to the labelling required by the relevant Barbados National Standard.”

Section (18) of the Standards Act states that “[n]o person shall sell, import or advertise any prepackaged product unless the product has applied to it a label conforming to the relevant Barbados National Standard.”

Barbados National Standards which are relevant to food law and policy include:

BNS 12:2004 Carbonated beverages;

BNS 30:1976 Processed foods (general);

BNS 5:Part 2:2004 Labelling of prepackaged food (revised); and

BNS 5:Part 7:2004 Labelling of prepackaged meat and poultry parts/cuts and fish and fishery products.

These Barbados National Standards are only available for purchase from the Barbados National Standards Institution.