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Statute on Consumer Rights (Law No. 1480 of 2011)


The law seeks to protect and promote the rights of consumers.


The Statute on Consumer Rights (in Spanish, “Estatuto del Consumidor”) is directly relevant to the scope of FULL for the following reasons:

  • Its objectives include protecting consumers from risks to their health and safety, as well as ensuring special protection for children and adolescents (Art. 1);
  • It recalls the right to receive complete, truthful, transparent, timely, verifiable, understandable, accurate, and suitable information, along with the freedom of consumers to receive protection against deceptive and abusive advertising (Art. 3);
  • It foresees that for products that by their nature or components may be harmful to health, indications on the correct use and on the harmfulness of the product must be clearly indicated and in perfectly legible characters, either on their labels, containers or packaging or in an annex that is included within them (Art. 25).