Law · Administrative Acts

Amendment to NOM-51 – Front of Pack Labeling (Guidelines Daily Amounts) (2014)


This administrative regulation amends NOM-51 to mandate the adoption of a front-of-pack labeling model based on the guidelines daily amount (GDA)


The regulation foresees that:

  • Front-of-pack labeling (FOPL) is mandatory for all prepackaged foods and beverages for the following nutrients: saturated fats, other fats, total sugars, sodium, energy (Article;
  • The FOPL model will feature a series of icons, one for each of the nutrients mentioned above. Each icon will display the total calorie content of every nutrient as a percentage of the recommended daily intake (Article


This regulation is not in force anymore as a result of the 2020 amendment of NOM-51 which mandates a different FOPL model (warning labels).