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Constitution of Colombia


The Constitution of Colombia regulates the organization of the State, and provides a Bill of Rights with provisions relevant for diet and health.


The Constitution of Colombia includes an extensive Bill of Rights, which outlines a wide range of fundamental rights. Among the ones relevant for FULL, there are:

  • Rights of children: children’s rights include the right to life, the right to health and social security, the right to a balanced diet (Art. 44);
  • Right to health: health care and environmental sanitation are public services provided by the State. All persons are guaranteed access to health promotion, protection, and recovery services. It is the responsibility of the state to organize, direct and regulate the provision of health services. Health services will be organized in a decentralized manner, by levels of care, and with community participation. (Art. 49; this right was amended in 2009);
  • Collective rights: producers and retailers of goods and services are responsible for any damage to the health, security, and adequate supply of consumers and users (Art. 78).

Since its adoption in 1991, the Constitution of Colombia has been amended several times. The link provided includes all the relevant updates. The pdf version is updated to 2015.