Decision · Administrative

Federal Consumer Protection Agency v. Kellogg Company México, S. de R.L de C.V. (Zucaritas)


After monitoring food advertisements on TV, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency questioned Kelogg Company Mexico's advertisement on one of their cereals (Zucaritas) because it contained phrases subject to misleading minors regarding energy requirements and sources.


Because it used phrases such as: ‘claws is to keep going when you can’t’; ‘Zucaritas wins with claws’; ‘play with claws and play with energy’; ‘and how do you recharge your energy?’ and bearing in mind that children are vulnerable because of the artificial way in which they perceive reality, the Agency concluded that advertising aimed at them cannot have assertions that mislead them. It cannot lead them to think that energy is the exclusive result of Zucaritas when they can obtain the same result with another cereal. Kellogs was urged to comply with the Federal Consumer Protection Law in its advertising.