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General Guidelines for the Sale and Distribution of Food and Beverages for Consumption in Schools


The purpose of the regulation is to promote healthy nutrition in public schools.


  • The regulations consider various goals and objectives contained in the National Development Plan and the sectoral Education Program, which seek to promote the integral development of boys and girls, seeking to prohibit the presence of unhealthy foods in schools.
  • The norm and its annex seek to highlight the prepared and processed foods and beverages that should be prohibited to be sold and distributed in schools of the National Educational System.
  • Interesting definitions are given on: correct nutrition; natural food and drinks; processed foods and beverages; eating habits, among others.
  • Likewise, the principles of correct nutrition are established, and it is determined that diet will always be influenced by cultural, social, educational, economic, and geographic factors.
  • For the promotion of healthy lifestyles, emphasis will be placed on the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and natural foods.