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National School Nutrition Standards


These Standards seek to define the types of foods and beverages which are restricted, ensure that nourishing food is served more frequently and improve the nutrient quality of school meals.


The Standards will apply to all food and drink items available to children within the school environment whether prepared on or offsite. In addition, these Standards will apply to the compound and immediate vicinity (within 200 m from the perimeter) of all public infant, primary and secondary institutions in Jamaica and are also be applicable to school fundraisers, recreational activities, sporting events and competitions at those schools.

Notable exceptions to the Standards include food and beverages brought from home for a student’s own consumption as well as exceptions on sports drink for use by student athletes during training and competitions, among other exceptions (page 2).

Prohibitions on marketing in the school environment, such as promotion, sponsorship and philanthropic activities linked to brands associated with products which are high in salt, fat or sugar are recommended in these Standards (pages 6-7).

These Standards, which are based in part on the Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Jamaica, are expected to support the implementation of Jamaica’s National School Nutrition Policy.