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Amendment to NOM-51 – Front-of-Pack Labeling (Warning Labels) (2020)


This administrative regulation (NORMA Oficial Mexicana) amends NOM-51. It introduces a front-of-pack labeling model based on warning labels, effectively repealing the 2014 amendment to NOM-51. Moreover, it introduces advertising restrictions.


This amendment to the administrative regulation (Norma Oficial Mexicana) NOM-51 mandates the adoption a new model of front-of-pack labeling based on warning labels. Products that exceed a certain threshold of critical nutrients that pose health risks in excessive consumption must bear a front-of-package nutritional labeling system with octagonal stamps to warn consumers. The warnings are: “EXCESO CALORÍAS”, “EXCESO AZÚCARES”, “EXCESO GRASAS SATURADAS”, “EXCESO GRASAS TRANS”, “EXCESO SODIO” (Article

Additionally, if the list of ingredients includes sweeteners, the precautionary legend must be placed on the front in capital letters “CONTIENE EDULCORANTES, NO RECOMENDABLE EN NIÑOS”; if it contains caffeine it must display “CONTIENE CAFEÍNA EVITAR EN NIÑOS” (Article 7.1.3 and 7.1.4).

Finally, it is foreseen that prepackaged products bearing one or more warning labels or precautionary label for sweeteners cannot (a) include on the label children’s characters, animations, cartoons, celebrities, athletes or mascots, interactive elements, such as visual-spatial games or digital downloads, which, aimed at children, incite, promote or encourage the consumption, purchase or choice of products with excess critical nutrients or with sweeteners, and (b) make reference on the label to elements outside the label for the same purposes as in the previous paragraph (Article 4.1.5).