Food laws and decisions: Tax on sweetened beverages

Taxes on beverages that are not only sugar-sweetened, but also use non-nutritive sweeteners such as artificial sweeteners.

Tax on sweetened beverages related food laws and decisions

  • International
    Law · International norms

    WHO Guideline: Fiscal policies to promote healthy diets

    2024 This World Health Organization (WHO) guideline seeks to provide Member States with recommendations on policies to develop and implement new, or to strengthen existing, fiscal policies to promote healthy diets....

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  • Barbados
    Law · Programmatic documents

    Excise Tax on Sweetened Beverages – 2022

    Apr. 1, 2022 The objective of the Excise Tax on Sweetened Beverages is to increase the rate of excise tax on sweetened beverages in an effort to reduce sugar consumption.

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