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Standards (Labelling of Processed Food) Regulations


These regulations prescribe minimum labelling requirements for processed food in Jamaica.


Section 3(1) of the Standards (Labeling of Processed Food) Regulations provides for the labelling of containers.

Section 3(3) specifically requires that container labels “shall not contain any information which is false, misleading or deceptive or likely to create an erroneous impression regarding the nature, contents, value, quantity, weight, composition, grade, merit, purity, date of packing or other characteristics of the food in that container.”

Sections 3(6) and (7) deal with claims on labels. Section 3(6) prohibits the  unqualified use of the word “fresh” from appearing on the label of any processed food. Section 3(7) states that “[n]o false claim for tonic or other beneficial effects. or special dietary use, shall be stated on. or implied by the title or name which appears on. the label of any processed food; and nutrients shall not be declared on such label except in a manner approved in writing by the Bureau.”