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Law on the Provision of School Meals


This law provides some principles on the provision of school meals. It law amends Law No. 8.880 of June 9, 2004, Law No. 11.273 of February 6, 2006, Law No. 11.507 of July 20, 2007, and repeals Law No. 8.913 of July 12, 1994. It has been subsequently amended by Law 12.695 of 25 July 2012.


The law recognizes some general principles on school meals, including that:

  • students of primary school have a right to school meals that provide them with food and nutritional security;
  • the food provided shall be healthy, varied, and respect local culture as well as specific needs;
  • nutrition education shall be included in the school curriculum.

Additionally, the law provides funds for the National School Meals Program [Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (PNAE)].