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Law on the Prohibition of the Commercialization and Advertising of Ultraprocessed Products in the Municipality of Niterói (Law No. 2659 of 2009)


It amends the Law No. 2659 of 2009 that aims to prohibit the sale, purchase, manufacture, distribution and advertising of products that contribute to childhood obesity


For the purposes of FULL Global Food Laws, the highlight of this amending law is the concept on ultraprocessed products (article 2), exemplifing some of them (article 3). The law uses Pan American Health Organization’s definition, stating that those products are “defined as industrial formulations made entirely or mostly from substances extracted from foods such as oils, fats, sugar, starch and proteins” that are:

  • derived from food constituents similar to hydrogenated fats, modified starch, or,
  • synthesized in the laboratory based on organic materials like petroleum, charcoal, colorants, flavorings, flavor enhancers.

These and various types of additives are used to endow products with attractive sensory properties and manufacturing techniques that include extrusion, molding, and pre-processing by frying or cooking.