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Law on the Prohibition of the Commercialization and Advertising of Products Related to Childhood Obesity in the Municipality of Niteroi


Law on the prohibition of the commercialization, acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, and advertising of products related to childhood obesity. This law has been amended by Law No. 3766 of 2023, and the changes are reflected in the text.


The law provides what kind of prohibition will be imposed for food products that contribute to childhood obesity in school units that are part of the Municipal Education System of Niterói, a city from the State of Rio de Janeiro. (article 1, caput). The prohibition includes ultraprocessed food that are “low in nutrients and high in sugar, fat and salt, in addition to chemical additives used to enhance texture, flavor and conservation”. (article 1, unique paragraph added by Law No. 3766 of 2023)

Besides, it explains the definition on ultraprocessed foods. It also cites examples of those products (article 2 added by Law No. 3766 of 2023). At last, the law includes the “Municipal Week of Awareness, Prevention and Combat against Childhood Obesity” in the official calendar of Niterói city.