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Adequate and Healthy Eating in the School Environment Standarts (Decree No. 11.821 of 2023)


The decree provides for the principles, objectives, strategic axes and guidelines to promote adequate and healthy eating in the school environment.


The decree states guiding principles with a human rights-based approach to adequate and healthy eating in school enviroments (article 3). It establishes concepts on nutrition education, food and beverage donations, sales, and marketing in school enviroments, in addition to the application of NOVA classification system to define the level of food processing (article 2).

There are two important definitions in the document:

  • “Ultraprocessed foods”: “industrial formulations typically made with many ingredients and various stages and types of processing, with little or no presence of whole foods, characterized by the presence of food additives that modify the sensory characteristics of the product”. The concept exemplifies what these additives are (article 2, V).
  • “Advertising communication”, previously defined in CONANDA’s resolution (RDC 163/2014): “any commercial communication activity aimed at promoting, within the school environment, products, services, brands, and companies involving ultra-processed foods, regardless of the medium, media, or means used, which may encompass advertising and sponsorship of cultural and sports activities, which includes those carried out in the physical space of the school and in extracurricular activities.”