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NOM-51 General labeling specifications for prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages – Commercial and health information


This administrative regulation (NORMA Oficial Mexicana) sets forth the commercial and health information requirements for the labeling of prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages.


For the purposes of FULL, some of the most relevant labeling requirements foreseen by NOM-51 are:

  • Information contained must be truthful and described and presented in such a way that it does not confuse the consumers regarding the nature or characteristics of the product (Article 4.1.1);
  • It is mandatory to include a list of ingredients (Article;
  • It is mandatory to include information regarding the nutritional qualities of the product, including calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibres, sodium (Article;
  • It is prohibited to use of false and misleading claims, including claims related to the prevention and treatment of a disease (Article 6.1.1.);
  • Nutritional and healthy claims must comply with the mandatory declaration of nutrients (Article 6.3).
  • Health claims related to the decrease or reduction of the risk of disease are prohibited (Article 6.3.4).

NOM-51 has been substantively modified first in 2014 and in 2020 to mandate the adoption of front-of-pack labeling (FOPL).